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This contemporary art work seeks to reflect/problemize the importance of the full identification of detained-disappeared and extrajudicially executed persons, during the period 1954-1989. Identification that the State has set as a goal, but in a contradictory way, the State itself makes it impossible.


For this we will use as a means of expression the blackboard, the chalk and the eraser, which is the privileged redoubt of the instructor, where he prints his matter, and therefore also his teaching, authority and discipline.


The Stop Motion using the blackboard, the chalk and the eraser allows us to capture in an unusual way the importance of recovery for the construction of both individual and collective identity.


The identity can disappear as well as the  writing on the blackboard that is provisional. The body can disappear but there are traces that identify it, the stain of the blot. The footprint remains. The presence of a remainder, those ashes, a ghost whose matter is bones affecting the senses. The body has vanished, the vestiges allow us a return that makes possible the construction of identity as a veil layer upon layer.

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