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a look at myself

Many people photograph or paint themselves, as a way of looking into each other's eyes. For what some time ago I have begun to make my own views of myself, not only on the outside, but as a way of looking at myself internally and expressing myself from the deepest emotions, or the desires that invade me. States of mind that, without seeing them from the outside, exist and inhabit me. One might think that it is a digital collage of images, but I don't see it that way. It is not only about cutting and pasting or merging two images, but about treating the image from the light, the color, the cut and the look, which ends up turning it into another image, which seeks to express myself, in a collage of emotions, impressions. , looks, desires and reflections. It is about looking, looking at me, the look that goes beyond pure aesthetic beauty, to look for an aesthetic of thinking, and saying.

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