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Born in Argentina in 1969. Multidisciplinary artist and psychoanalyst. He studied music for 15 years, then theology and philosophy, and in Paraguay he studies psychology and psychoanalysis to date. In 1994 he began painting Byzantine iconography, basing his work on the Russian and Greek schools. Essentially self-taught, although he took some courses at NODE/CENTER in Germany. In 2015, he obtained 1st place in the call "Greenhouse: art, politics, experiment". In 2016 he develops an artistic residency in Barcelona. In 2017 one of his works is presented at the CURITIVA BIENNIAL. In 2018 the series "Formicarium" is presented in two cities in Argentina, and in Helsinki, Finland. In 2020 he obtained 2nd place in the Hippolyte Bayard award. In 2021, a selection from the Homo COVID series is chosen to represent Paraguay in the traveling exhibition "Parentesis-Stories from Uncertainty" touring all the capitals of Latin America in 2022. In 2022, he obtained 1st place in the Hippolyte Bayard photography prize. He has focused his gaze on politics, memory, and the manifestation of absence.

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