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A MESS-2018

This exhibition has as its object and concept a radical absence: the disappearance of bodies stolen by the repression of the Estronista dictatorship (1954-1989). Representing what is missing is an almost impossible task for language, which hesitantly, insistently surrounds the edges of an empty space.

For this reason, this exhibition uses two expedients to refer to the abyss of an unrepresentable drama. In the first place, part of the figure of Rogelio Goiburú, a fundamental person in the fight to recover the name and the place, the vestiges and the signs: the living memory of those who disappeared during that execrable time. His tireless work has managed to repair forgetfulness and reinscribe painful truths that make our history its darkest but inevitable side.

Secondly, the exhibition resorts to the resources of art, adequate to reach the places where the word does not arrive: the image can, if not represent a fatal absence, suggest it, present it in the key of poetry and metaphor: intense figures that they make what is omitted physically and symbolically shine and endure.  From science and management, Alfredo Quiroz and Bernardo Puente have acted as active collaborators of Dr. Goiburú and experts committed to the difficult search, in all sense, aimed at redressing violated human rights. The artistic works that they present face the signs of disappearance by not directly presenting the exhumed material, but by turning it into a strong figure of the absence/presence that art provokes. The absence of those who have been killed and destined for anonymity and the disappearance of their traces; the powerful presence of those who are being replaced in a place in history:  in a place that promotes that the repair of those who have not gone through the rite of the grave indicates a path that will not be able to return to be transited



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